National Scientific Center of Marine Biology FEB RAS, Russian Far East Malacological Society and Far Eastern Federal University have published a new book:

K.A. Lutaenko and I.E. Volvenko. Atlas of Common Bivalve Mollusks of Peter the Great Bay (Sea of Japan). - Vladivostok: FEFU, 2017. 140 p. [in Russian].

This atlas of common bivalve mollusks of Peter the Great Bay includes photographic images of 133 species belonging to 38 families constituting more than 80% of the total species richness of bivalves of the bay. The book is intended for a quick visual identification of common intertidal and subtidal bivalve species of Peter the Great Bay and northern Sea of Japan. The atlas is preceded by a brief geographical description of the bay for the purpose of understanding of molluscan habitats and faunal diversity, a brief description of shell characteristics and a general faunal account. A list of books for further reading and index of Latin names are provided.

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