Original articles  
Huang Bo, Li Xiaohong, Xu Fengshan
Marine bivalve Mollusca studies in China: A review
L.A. Prozorova
Annotated list of water molluscs of the Khanka Lake drainage
G.A. Evseev
Bivalves of the South Kuriles shallow waters and their habitats
N.I. Grigoryeva
Termohaline conditions of the spawning of the oyster Crassostrea gigas in Possjet Bay (Sea of Japan)

All-Russian Meeting on molluscan studies in the Russian Far East (Vladivostok, October 14-15,1998)
Abstracts of communications
A.A. Anisimova, A.P. Anisimov
Number and functional activity of nucleoles in the sexual and somatic gonadal cells of succineid snail, Succinea lauta
A.P. Anisimov, N.E. Zumchenko, I.A. Kirsanova, N.P. Tokmakova
Somatic polyploidy and phylogeny of Gastropoda
E.M. Borulya
Distribution and species composition of commercial gastropods in Peter the Great Bay
T.N. Viselina, O.N. Lukyanova
Carbohydrate metabolism in bivalve molluscs under cadmium effect
D.D. Gabaev
Abundance dynamics of the bivalve molluscs from Primorye coasts and its influencing factors
D.D. Danilin
On the bathymetric distribution of Macoma calcarea (Gmelin, 1791) and M. brota Dall, 1916 in the western part of Bering Sea
L.G. Demenok, V.V. Isaeva
In vitro cell defense reactions of hemocytes of the scallop Mizuhopecten yessoensis
D.K. Derzhavin, V.V. Isaeva
In vitro fractal self-organization of aggregating hemocytes of the scallop Mizuhopecten yessoensis
V.V. Isupov
Distribution and perspective of gastropods fishery in Anadyr Gulf of the Bering Sea
G.G. Kalinina
Reproductive cycle of Corbicula japonica
G.G. Kalinina
Phospholipids composition in gonads of Corbicula japonica
A.I. Kafanov, K.B. Barinov, L. Marincovich Jr.
Papyridea harrimani Dall, 1904 (Bivalvia, Cardiidae) as a marker for upper Eocene and lower Oligocene strata of the North Pacific
I.A. Kirsanova, A.P. Anisimov
Dynamics of the DNA synthesis and the mechanisms of postnatal growth of neurons of Succinea lauta (Gastropoda: Pulmonata)
I.A. Kirsanova, L.V. Annikova
The anatomy of the nervous system of Modiolus kurilensis [=Modiolus modiolus]
L.V. Kolesnik
Size/weight relationship and distribution of Corbicula japonica in Kievka River (Primorsk Territory)
Yu.R. Kochnev
Distribution of Mizuhopecten yessoensis in the Izmenchivoe Lake (South Sakhalin)
Y.V. Kuzmin, V.A. Rakov, Y.A. Mikishin, L.A. Orlova, A.J.T. Jull
Radiocarbon dating of the Holocene marine molluscs from the coast of Primorye (northwestern Sea of Japan): results and problems
I.M. Moskvicheva
Main results of the study of fresh-water and brackish-water molluscan fauna of the lower Amur River
A.B. Olifirenko
Possible methods of the age determination in the bivalve Anadara broughtoni (Schrenk)
S.P. Plekhov
Some features of zoogeographical zoning of a northwest coast of the Japan Sea using species lists of bivalve and gastropod molluscs
S.K. Ponurovsky, V.A. Brykov, G.A. Evseev
Population structure and growth of the scallop Mizuhopecten yessoensis in shallow waters of Kunashir Island and on the South Kurile Shoal (Kurile Islands)
A.N. Popov, V.A. Rakov
The molluscan fauna of Boysmana Bay in the Holocene climatic optimum (based on materials from escavatedthe shell middens)
L.A. Prozorova
To the biogeography of the fresh-Water molluscan fauna of the Northern and Middle Kurile Islands
V.A. Rakov, Y.V. Kuzmin, L.A. Orlova, A.J.T. Jull
The reservoir correction value in radiocarbon dating of Holocene marine mollusc shells from the southern Primorye territory (northwestern Sea of Japan coast)
A.V. Rasschepkina
To the anatomy of the pallial oviduct of the genus Hua Chen (Pachychilidae, Cerithiaceae)
E.M. Sayenko, M.B. Shed'ko
Some aspects of reproduction and the glochidia morphology of two Unionidae species from South Primorye
O.Ya. Semenikhina, N.K. Kolotukhina, V.A. Brykov
A secondary settlement of mussel Mytilus trossulus in Vostok Bay, Sea of Japan
A.V. Silina, I.I. Ovsyannikova
Yeso scallop and its epibiosis in cage and bottom cultures at the Alekseeva Bight (Sea of Japan)
L.N. Usheva, O.R. Zueva
Gland system of the epithelium in the mussels Crenomytilus grayanus and Modiolus kurilensis, Mantle
N.K. Khristoforova, T.M. Malmovskaya
Heavy metal content in molluscs-indicators from Southern Kurile Islands
N.K. Khristoforova, E.N. Chernova
Age-dependent change of heavy metal content in soft tissues of Tridacna crocea
A.V. Chernyshev, T.V. Chernova
Limpets of the genus Nipponacmea Sasaki et Okutani, 1993 (Gastropoda, Lottiidae) in Peter the Great Bay
L.S. Shkoldina, A.G. Pogodin
The pelagic molluscs in the northern Sea of Japan in the summer
O.P. Shulga
Morphological differentiation of Kunashiria japonica (Bivalvia, Unionidae) from the north part of Sakhalin Island

Malacologists of the Russian Far East and the Pacific Region  
L.V. Krishtofovich (13 July 1908-29 September, 1996) (for Commemoration of Her Ninetieth Birthday) 116

Book review  
The Yuriyagai, Journal of The Malacozoological Association of Yamaguchi (Japan) 121
Malacological serials in the Library of the Institute of Marine Biology, East Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Vladivostok) 122

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Chernyshev A.V. 133
Rakov V.A. 133
Sayenko E.M. 137
Zaslavskaya N.I. 138

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